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farmgirlfit: where women are encouraged, supported & guided to become the healthiest versions of themselves

created for her, by her

Our workouts are created for women, by women, and perfected at our Farmgirlfit gyms.  We believe the modern woman should push herself physically a little each day.  Our workouts blend weightlifting, body weight exercises, resistance training, and cardio to create unique workouts that are challenging - yet achievable - and never boring.  Leveled workouts ensure that you get the perfect workout for YOU every time. 

community support

Community is a powerful thing! It’s support, motivation, a source of information, a sense of belonging, and the confidence that you are not alone. With the FGF@Home program you will be welcomed into the well-established and ever-growing Farmgirlfit community. You receive lifetime access to the private FGF@Home Facebook group to interact with other members and coaches, ask questions, provide encouragement, and simply to stay in touch!

our coaches understand you

Farmgirlfit was founded over 6 years ago by a team who truly wants women to be the healthiest versions of themselves. Our goal is to show women that fitness has evolved and it does play an important role in your daily life. The FGF@Home program will leave you feeling capable, supported and revived as opposed to deflated or like it’s never enough. Farmgirlift coaches will set you up for success, not failure. 

your sweat space

FGF@Home requires minimal space and minimal equipment. Truly, do-anywhere. In most cases, if you can stand and extend your arms in any direction, you’ll have plenty of room. Besides your body—a powerful piece of equipment that should not be ignored—all you will need is a pair of dumbbells, a jump rope, and a resistance mini-band.

nutrition, simplified

Our nutrition guidelines not only explain our approach to fueling our bodies, but also give YOU a framework for building a healthy nutrition plan that doesn’t involve starving yourself. This framework is progressive, focusing on the basics first, building healthy habits, and becoming more refined as we go. We teach you how to eat well, for a lifetime of living well! 

smart pricing

Workout in the comfort of your own home for less than $10/week - just a third of the cost of working out at a typical gym - and a lot more fun!


I love this program because I can work out when I have the time, it’s not always on the recommended day, but I always get them in. The Grinds are never the same and have a wide variety of exercises so I never get bored. And it’s fun to read the comments of the other women participating.

– Stephanie C., 45

One thing I really liked about this program was that it was centered around taking care of your body, loving your body and making your body strong rather than losing weight. I feel like this is something I can maintain rather than being focused on a new extreme workout and diet routine that isn't practical in the long life term. Thank you!

– Camille T., 28

The online community was the biggest benefit of all. I knew it would be fun to talk to the other gals and stay connected but didn't realize how big of a benefit it would end up being.

– Brittany I., 27

I gained weight over the last few years and really had struggled to lose it. This program has been very good motivating me to work out again and made me feel better overall. I feel stronger physically and mentally, and more willing to take on new challenges.

– Sue S., 64

My clothes fit better and I am down about 5 lbs. I feel so much stronger and can see muscle definition in my arms and legs that have never been there. I only weighed myself twice during the program which was AWESOME! I love that my focus is not on losing weight and depriving is now on using the food I eat as fuel and how my body feels overall.

– Jamie B., 38

Loved it, wish I had the time to come to the gym and be there but this is a great compromise. I feel stronger and healthier then I have in a long time and haven't had to spend hours and hours training to get there.

– Jordyn H., 26

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